Traveling A Distance To Play Paintball

Paintball is one of those outdoors sports that always finds the adventurer in you.  Its considered a sport and has all the characteristics that make one up.  A combination of hunting and sports, you’ll need to withstand the pain of contact from a paintball shot.  Let me just start by saying, it hurts.  It hurts really bad.  Expect a fairly large and painful bruise that same day a few hours after falling victim to a paintball shot.

My friends and I decided to go in style, we usually rent a car since the drive to the land my dad owns is so far away.  The last time we all went, we decided to rent a super stretch limousine.  It fitted all of us in the back seat, 8 pain tballers to be exact.  The drive is about 6 hours from where we all live and the limo ride was quite delightful.  I’ll just say that it didn’t feel like a 6 hour ride.  Felt more like a 3 hour ride at most, and that’s without stopping anywhere.

To say the least, we all had fun after a few hours of hunt and go seek and I think at least everyone who attended this time around will be able to boast an over ripe patch of bruises throughout various parts of their bodies.  Paintballing is truly becoming an American tradition.